Thursday, March 14, 2013

121003 High School

It has been more than a month since I blog. HAHAH fail blogger and a really slow one too.
Am using the old computer down stairs, all my older photos are here. Randomly picked one my pictures folder to blog 2012_10_03
I dont remember why did I bring my camera to school at all :/ lol 
saja for class photos I guess. 
I really miss high school, obviously not the teachers, just life back then. 

 KuanTing aka my ai lang and YeeShuang

 Pricillia and I

 Run over to S2. Hi WanYan!

 Pric and InnJoe

 SooChiew, my assistant monitor and JeanTeen

 with the 女强人 KarWei


PhooiFun, Pric, InnJoe, Jovy, PeyShan 

 YeeShuang levitating haha

Sneaked in to our primary school hall and did a bunch of stupid stuff
See, it was written there 小学 LOL

Yours truly haha 

InnJoe, Pric 

My turn to levitate haha 

 My bm teacher. She was quite scary in my opinion hahaha


They left a spot in the centre for ChaiLing who was absent if I wasnt mistaken lol 

 Oh, hi broom

HARRY POTTER hahahaha a proud Ravenclaw B) HAHAHAH


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