Sunday, March 17, 2013

Koji Eye Talk- double eyelid glue

Here's a product I would recommend. Koji eye talk double eyelid glue, which was recommended in one the 女人我最大 episode. haha

For any of you out there who wanted to make ur eyelids double or ur crease deeper, you should try this. Well, it work quite well for me. I have no idea whether it will have the same effect for you but it's a highly rated product.
(I dont think you would need a double eyelid glue if you wanna make ur crease deeper, because you probably would already have double eyelids and any double eyelid tape would just do the trick)

I have thick eyelids, one tapered eyelid sometimes it turns into double and another eye with an inner double eyelid. I know it's weird. There are quite a few friends of mine who have one double and one mono though.

Due to the thick tapered or inner double, I have trouble turning my eyelids equally double.
Normal double eyelid tape doesnt work well for me. It's either double sided eyelid tape or double eyelid glue for me.
and... I dont really like double sided eyelid tape because its edges will be noticeable after a few hours, i dk whyyyyyyyyy. and I used to use capalang brand double eyelid glue, that's why I dont apply them often.

and... finally, went to first avenue with mum yesterday, spotted koji eye talk in GooGoo at RM39.90.
It's a white liquid but turns transparent upon drying.

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  1. You know, I have been reading a lot of this eyelid glue and tape, but I can't seem to differentiate them. Maybe it depends on one's lids. All I know is that they perform magic to individuals who wish to have double eyelids. It's really fascinating how the face can be transformed with a little eyelid makeover.
    Shavonda Duarte