Saturday, March 16, 2013


Im very happy with my manicure, had it done at Nail Studio, Gurney few days ago. hehehe
It was quite a sudden decision. My sister's friend, Helena wanted to go for manicure, so I was like I want too haha
The colour I've picked is OPI Skyfall / James Bond Winter 2012-GoldenEye. I have no idea the exact name of that colour and went to google it up and.. owhhhhh. HAHA

I wouldnt recommend this place because there's one manicurist who served Helena, she was rude, I dont wanna go in details, bad service.
Mine was okay though :D satisfied with mine, and the lady who did my mani was okay.

shineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. haha

I havent posted the nail art I did for christmas. hahaha
Im so free after spm, obviously. Google for christmas nail art and followed some of the christmas nail tutorials. haha
It's not perfect I know but was very happy with it hehe

My new year nails. New year, not cny lol still red anyway. haha
I put on a matte top coat on the red part.

I've been constantly changing my nails ever since, every week. Got lazy when test is around the corner, would wash it off or just let my chip off ugly nails stay. haha
It's important to let your nails 'breathe', take a break from nail lacquer once in awhile, if not your nails would turn yellowish.

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