Wednesday, April 3, 2013

130210 First Day of CNY

Whenever I update a late post, I feel guilty and have to explain myself. Every time.
Is not like I dont want to update. Just that all my photos are kept in another computer that my sis is using all the time. 
Take note that I'll update an old post then a new post, taking turns okay. but you should know I dont update much or dont even update at all when I have to prepare for a test or exam hehe
I'll try not to feel guilty about it and explain so much when I start updating an old post next time lol

Back to Kedah as usual.
We never dress up over there, i dk why but yeah. My sis dint even bother to wear contact lens lol
and till now, there's so many people over there, I dont really know who's who ._.
and so many kids -___- believe it or not, my sis and I are considered quite old haha

Only one caught my eye, my lil endao ba, I forgot his name though hahaha his elder brother used to be the lil endao ba but it's his little brother turn since last year lol 

sis busy with her phone
my lil endao ba busy with his subway surfers and ignored everyone around him -.-

I look like poo but whatever, photo with endao ba :p

beautiful long lashes ♥

i dk who...
 ♥ Lynn

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