Monday, April 8, 2013

130306 Queensbay w/ Sydney Boy

Fatty WeiSheen is back since last friday. 
He came back like every 2 months, it's like he never left at all lol
Weisheen, PeyShan and WanYan watched.. Idk what's that movie, all I know is it's a ghost movie.
While PehKhim, PhooiFun and I watched The Host, like finallyyyy. I would give this movie a thumbs up, I dint read the book because from what I heard, it's not really a good book.

That guy playing Ian is so familiar, did a little google-ing on him.
He's Luke in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief which is the worst movie based on book, and there's something worse than worst, they're making a movie sequel. The first movie was entirely changed into something ridiculous and also ridiculously different, I dont even know how are they going to continue from the second book... 

First to enter!

w/ PehKhim


yours truly

I think WanYan is the one who took these photos of me? Im not sure.. I just found out most of the photos in my camera are pictures of me LOL

gwiyomi. I really find random lala people doing videos of gwiyomi annoying D:
No one can do better than kpop celebrities! ;D

caught them vaining ehehe

Came across WingKeh's photo and trying to pose like her :P


WeiSheen acting cuteee ._.

Coudnt recall who asked me to pose like this. Like a pervert. you know like those who just reveal their.. you know ._.

PeyShan left us for ShiYao in the middle D:
(There are times when I wanted to paste iphone emoji because it can express an expression so much better hahaha) 

He ruined my pic D;

Dinner at Winter Warmers ;)

Photos below are from PhooiFun's Note2 hehe

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