Thursday, May 2, 2013

130412 Inti Pre-U Orientation Event

LATE as usual. Just get used to it lah. haha
As stated above, it's inti pre-u orientation event, I went there for food, obviously haha... but the food wasnt that nice :(
Roasting marshmallows and sausages are the best ♥.♥
The games were kinda lame, I dont want to mention boring stuff so. Let's move on to the next point. hah
The most important one yet, thank you mr dj for playing a few kpop songs! hahahahaha
I was like 'we want kpop!' at first, like I always used to do back then during those Ranger Guides times lol
Surprisingly bam, Fantastic Baby hahaha totally high like a retard.
I requested for the song I Got A Boy hehe but then he played Twinkle first and I Got A Boy after that. happy happy :D Thank you mr dj, fyi I dont know what's mr dj's name lol and thank you Ning Zheng.

Glow stick waiting for its moment to shine

w/ them

shine bright like a diamond

w/ my math teacher, the one in red.

gwiyomi ._.

ootd? hahahaha 

6th floor view from 7th floor


Headed to kayu for supper after that.

the best roti tissue I've eaten so far ♥ not to mention huge.


  1. Hey how many teeth u extracted for braces ?

  2. This is random.. but 3 if Im not mistaken.