Monday, May 6, 2013

130503 Inti

Brought 650D to school so I have a few, I mean more than a few of photos to post. haha
I'll be bringing my camera these few weeks I guess, to capture my last few weeks in inti ;(

Spent my break time at the rooftop, level 7. 
That guy photobomb level 100 hahaha
andddd Nigell's signature tongue pose lol. You'll see.

there there :PPPPPP

JeanTeen and JuanXin

It was really sunny, I wouldnt even want to take a step outside.

ki hiao level 100 hahaha

pay back for Jean haha

he was trying to do gwiyomi ._.

Okay, gwiyomi ._.

I forgot what he was saying, something ....dah! *press shutter button

hahaha Nigell. He should be proud okay. His chin is sharper than before, like how?!

Back in bio class.
InnJoe looks so cute behind 

ChianChyi, hihi, InnJoe, ShynYih
lol I have a hard time taking selca with the new heavy lens my sis bought D;
I have to use 2 hands instead of 1 now :(

So... these people started to play with my hair.

and even emoticon has prettier eyebrows! psshh
I need to shape and trim my eyebrows soon man, so urgh.

When I go nuts

When ChianChyi go nuts ahaha

ShynYih wasnt prepare yet, but her candid so prettyyyy


  1. Bio take photo bo jio </3

  2. Where you going?

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