Saturday, May 25, 2013

130512 KL Day2 & 130513 KL Day3

Click here for KL DAY 1

130512 KL DAY 2
I couldnt really recall everything :/ but I'll try with the help of Foursquare lol
Dint take a lot of photos during this trip so just bear with it :p
and was really lazy to shop ;( emo over snsd

Selfie w/ sis

heading to Mid Valley and The Gardens

Lunch at Sushi-Zen

2 very relaxing angmo

Dinner at Restoran Yuen Buffet Steamboat
Their signature dish is their chicken wings, and people would be waiting to snatch and fight for it, literally. No kidding. It's not as holiao as I expected lah anyway.

130513 KL DAY 3
Last day.
Last mall, Sunway Pyramid.

 We had our eyebrows trimmed, thanks to our aunt. 
I have light eyebrows and I dint fill in my eyebrows that day so it's not very obvious but it's obvious that it's not bushy anymore!

Sis's messy hair which turns out wavy 

 Got bored and took photos with the elephant 


hahaha look at the second ChiaYi, half of her body gone.
Took it with iphone panorama lol

 split cam app. standing position not accurate ._.

Then... had lunch with aunt at Restaurant & Cafe Bliss 33.
and Im telling you Im really referring to foursquare lol
thumbs up for the food :D

Back home and took a rest first. Exhausted.
Must. take. a. few. photos. first ._.

Okay, collapsed.

Flight kept on delayinggggg!!!! Eventually, it delayed from 3.50pm to 7.50pm ha ha -______-
Had starbucks in Subang airport.
Hair was greasy at the moment, so I had to tie em up.


by the way...
I created an account
feel free to ask me questions :)


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