Wednesday, May 22, 2013

130517 Inti

This. Is. A. Post. Of. Random. Photos. Hah!
ChianChyi's hand just couldnt get out of my photos -______-

hiao hiao CC 

Eevone & YuanWei. DIB people busy with their assignments haha



The hiao one hahahah ;p sexy yoja

I thought it was a photo of me and only me -___- and it turns out to be...

I look like a poo but ChianChyi is so cute hehe 

JuanXin showing off his dimples. Pfft.

Well, you see... lips colour do make a difference.
I was showing ChianChyi my balm stain, that's why... ._.

I really love it!!! hehe PhooiFun was the one who introduced this Revlon product, because it looks really good on her and I've tried it on with hers and decided to get one immediately lol
you can get it in any Watson or Guardian, but the colour I used is sometimes out of stock.

That's a fake lipstick btw lol

Phone lousy front cam

Hah! Poor Nigell had to go off for his duty

Follow Jean down to car park to take a few books.

And you see this car here. xxx is too lazy to park even when there's parking lot space when he arrived and decided to leave his car there with a note with his number on it. We see what you did there *smirk

Scary shit, I know. HAH

Back in bio class
with my ShynYih hihi!

Whatsapp each other and also JeanTeen at the other class with vain photos hahaha
I dont think we actually concentrate in bio class ._. but Im leaving soon so... yea 
Some photos cannot post lor, if not I'll kena shot haha

I told ShynYih it was some sort of angel light behind me hahaha while it was really just because we left the curtain behind open -.-

CC have big big eyes here O.O

Jean's class


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