Tuesday, May 21, 2013

130517 JiaYing's 18th Birthday Celebration

Supposed to update on Sunday since that day was JiaYing's actual birthday but I dint really have the time to edit all the photos and blog.

After class, XinYi, ChianChyi, Kim and I went to pick up the cake from Jenny's cake house then headed to QB and wait for the rest, and of course JiaYing had to be the last to arrive.
JY thought she was supposed to have lunch with ChianChyi and Winnie, dint know there are more haha

Our corner, it's like chinese old people gathering in there hahahaha


XinYi and Kim


JiaYing :D


I dint take a photo of the card and present hahaha you'll be surprised if you have seen it. We designed and wrote our birthday greetings on the cut out bra/panty/tshirt/pants that ChianChyi made hahaha
CC put them all in the big card and did the rest.
ChianChyi really made a big effort! 

The cake was meant to be a surprise too but the waiter totally ruined it -___-
Anyway..... the cake cute is so freaking cute! omgggggg

Everyone just have to take a photo of it

After all candles are lighted up, it's another photo time for the cake ahaha

Poor thing :(

Roy: *I drink*
Roy: *I eat*
Roy:*and eat*
Roy:*nom nom*
Roy:*dig for more cream cream :D*

ChianChyi, JiaYing

w/ ChianChyi

The one with chio outfits. 
The one with food photos on insta that make me drool hahaha

WeiPing ._______.

I have no idea why am I laughing like this ._.

ChianChyi's sexy candid ;)

Winnie, me, ChianChyi
awkwarddddddd hand position lol


cutie JY

2 photos below are from Kim's camera ;)


guai a yi

ChianChyi just couldnt stop shouting at like.. everything hahaha she's high I tell you. lol

My camera died here-
-______- The rest are from my phone.

The most tiring thing ever- house riding. HAHA

Boost drink before going back home hehe

Happy birthday once again, hope you did enjoy ♥


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