Sunday, May 26, 2013

130523 Inti Last Day ;(

Some of you already know I'll be leaving for Penang Matriculation College. 
Bid farewell to A levels, Inti and those awesome people I spent through with through these 5 months :(
It's the beginning of rough life tomorrow. Would be so different compared to life in inti :/

I only went to bio class that morning and skipped the rest. haha because I'll be heading out with Jean after her class. 
sadly, I only met those bio class people and dint get the chance to take photos with the others.
 first, InnJoe

and here comes ChianChyi haha 

During the short break in between
CaiYing.. puppy dog face?

Coincidentally met Jean and Nigell

 after bio class.

w/ ShynYih and CaiYing.  

 w/ XinYi

The cuties. Okay, the very beh paiseh ppl.

TzeHao, he's like my teacher. I can just ask him anything whenever there's something I do not understand, even the stupid ones. haha thank you for helping me out with my studies, really.

 CaiYing, me, Kim, ShynYih

and not to forget Joanne! our little snow white. lol She's not taking bio but was on her way to physics class hehe.

ChianChyi is not taking physics so she's lucky that she gets to spend more time with me :P 

 I tell you, It was a SUNNY and hot hot day

 *jump haha

 ChianChyi *jump 
hahaha what kind of pose is that?!

 XinYi *jump

 One more time hahaha my hair has that flow~ 

 lala signature. I've never succeeded in acting like a complete lala. Failed. haha


 stairs. Randomly taking photos while walking down the stairs.
To be honest, I dont take the stairs much, seriously. I take the lift all the time unless my friends insisted to take the stairs hahaha

6th floor. Should have take a photo of the library :/ I never had a photo of libaray lol totally forgot about it. 

 5th floor. Peace and quiet. No sign of noisy ping pong ball. Everyone was in class. 
Oh, I never had a photo of music room too. urghhhhh

 4th floor.

 Random plant

 Hyperactive Jonathan. You can see him walking like everywhere.
and why he wasnt in physics class har? 

 3rd floor.

 2nd floor

 hellooooooo YanKun and Roy


 Spotted! XinYi! My high school XinYi :D in purple.

 level 1 car park. 
Oh which reminds me should have taken a photo of our so called 'dungeon' and 'secret garden' car park which is one level below.

小青!!! I named KyePinn's car 小青 haha was so happy to see him? or her? what's 小青 gender ar? ._.
Since I dint see his owner, I'll just take a photo with 小青 :D bye bye 小青 

Oh yes, I forgot to mention we were going to Inti hostel, D'Piazza Condo. My first time there.
We followed XinYi back to her hostel to get her books haha
and stopped by at the swimming pool!

ChianChyi and I were like arent you afraid that you'll fall
XinYi was like nothing one lah, I did this a lot
CC' first attempt 

My turn!

 Look at her! hiao ka beh si ;P


 Ending with the hiao one ;p
It's still not the end of the day.
After that I went out with Jean and bla bla bla. Till the next time.
Too many photos, dont have much time to photoshop rest of the photos and blog. 
Already uploaded 90 photos for this posts ._. count them if you dont believe me haha

Am really happy to meet these wonderful people with beautiful souls ♥ 
Dont cry when Im gone :P

Life wont be easy over there sigh. I dont think they have air con in every class and facilities like inti ._.
but stay strong okay chialynn.
and... Im crazy for talking to myself.
ttfn. tata for now.
Will update soon. Idk whether I have the time to update anything over there.
It's a one week full orientation -_________- kbye!


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