Saturday, June 15, 2013

130607 Inti Superhero Fiesta

I had a dilemma whether to go or not to go that morning haha because Im broke recently LOL 
We are encouraged to wear superhero-themed attires, I dont have any though...
Aunt picked me up on the way since she was going to drop my cousin there too.
The event was held in conjunction with Talent Quest finale.

Received our wristband 

Cousin, WeiShan aka Sabrina

hahaha this guy sitting in front is so cute like hahahahaha
He has a tiny braid on his head lol

tbh, I rather you guys played original songs instead of inviting band to sing ._. No offend.

I dk what group was it called, something something Five lah lol but with only 4 members.
and guess what? They actually danced to Exo's Mama and History. OMOOOOOO HIGH MAX
because of exo's songs hahah I can dance Mama better :p seriously, because Im bonded to exo ._. lol
Performed that song in a competition last year, a group of 6, it wasnt neat due to a certain reasons which I woudnt want to be reminded of.. 
Really bad view from the side.

Yours truly

the hiao-est of all the hiao ppl- ChianChyi hahaha

PeiHuah, Kim and ChianChyi

Our marvel polaroid!

YuanWei, JiaYing, ChianChyi, me, Winnie, Eevonne, JeanTeen, JinLi, Kim

Jovy. She came to support Pric in her talent quest.


Hair getting oily and sweaty :(




ChanYit why did you propose in front of everyoneeeeeeee
Just kidding lah. He was counting those stickers that guy collected for a game.

Last year talent quest champion, YingChen with his beatbox. Daebak
I dk his name at first, went to look up for his name ._. ha ha

InnJoe, why oh whyyyy??? She should keep her hair longgggg

Nigell Lay, looks sort of like fatter version of Wesley Chan here ahahaha
and sort of blind with contacts instead of specs hahaha

Pric won. Congratulations!

Free dance.
The only kpop they got are Gangnam Style and Gentleman -.- worst of the worst. Meh

was randomly taking a photo but Bryan coincidentally passed by with this face?



Lay's new shoes.
I personally feel that the name 'Lay' is nicer than 'Nigell' because Lay is one of exo's member hahaha

w/ Pric

Pric and Jean

Spot InnJoe

Almost forgot. I did mention I had a dilemma but no regrets lol because I had fun and these *points below* should worth more than myr15(registration fee) I guess lol 
Won a luck draw which consists of a speaker and inti 8GB pendrive hahah better than none.

It's already 12am, time for bed haha goodnight :)

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