Friday, June 21, 2013

130608 Saturday Night

Harvest In with YunXuan :D

His iphone5 cam

My cam ;p

Then, meet up with them. WeiSheen came back that day but... sry lah, dint take a single photo of you hahaha
These love birds are in fact very vain and hiao. hahah
JunHong, WingKeh, PeyShan, ShiYao ._.

Enough of them

Ernest Zacharevic! Those murals in Georgetown? yea, that's him.
He was rushing in and then rushing out -.- couldnt even take a photo with him.
Manage to take his back though lol

Prove that the guy above is him haha 
Peyshan and Shiyao was lucky enough to meet him when they were on their way back D;

Wingkeh, PeyShan
PhooiFun and there's me

bad photos due to back light D:
and I look somehow a lil different when I pin up my fringe haha

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