Tuesday, June 18, 2013

130609 Orientation Odyssey Nite 2013/14 - Semi Final

First of all, one my best friends- PehKhim is a prom candidate in Tarc. She gets into finals and it would be nice if you help her out by liking the her photo on facebook in the link below. Just click and it will bring you to the photo. You'll have to like the page first I guess.

Second of all, dont ask me questions like 'You're studying in Tarc now?' NO, Im still in Inti :)

Back to June 9th
After that Suria Meriang sales that morning, I headed to PhooiFun's house.
WeiSheen came to pick us up with Gavin along and then ZhiLiang arrived. 

Then we went to Time Square bought the things pk needed and had a quick lunch, we were really rushing that I dint and actually forgot to take photos of foods. 

And soon, arrived at Tarc. Was wearing a skirt at first but I had to change into long pants to get into Tarc.
Pf helping out with Pk makeup. while the rest of us did nothing at the moment lol I couldnt help since Im not good at this, only the basics. haha

 The way ZhiLiang look at her awwwwwww
Should have blurred Gavin's face -.- 

 Pretty lashes. ZhiLiang has pretty lashes too ._.
which made me realised... They are the perfect pretty lashes couple.
It makes sense right? ahah

 No food in there. So, we had to take a cab to Island Plaza for dinner.
The 2 ultimate fatties. WeiSheen and Gavin HAHA

Dinner at Edo Ichi 

Thank you Terence for fetching us back there!
We missed a bit but luckily we did not miss out pk's. I recorded her performance. But she wanted to keep it to herself :) so, sorry people.

We were sitting a the last row boohoohoo 

This is where they announced the results. 4 will go in to the finals.

 The final prom king and queen candidates

The only photo with her ;) 
You may think that Im annoying but she's my friend. I bet you would do the same for your friend. 

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