Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY Floral Headband

I made my very first own floral headband. Am really satisfied how it turned out :D
I got these artificial/ fake flowers in Paradigm Mall, KL. I find it really hard to find pretty ones in penang though :/

A really easy procedure which involve patience.
1. Get any fake flowers you like. I got these really cheap. RM3.50 or so.
2. Get a plain hairband 
3. Use a scissors or pliers to cut off the part you dont need like the stems. Try to make the surface as smooth and 2D as possible, as you're going to stick it on the hairband later.
4. Stick the flowers and the leaves together with a really strong glue.
5. Then, stick them on the hairband. done.

See, it only involved an easy common sense procedure :D

Flowers on top and leaves at the bottom. 

Chop off the stem. 
Leaving the flower with sepal.

Cut the thing at the bottom off and you'll get only the leaves. 

 Stick them together.

This is optional. I only added one at the side.



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