Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Suria Meriang Sdn. Bhd. Staff Sales 2013 Penang HAUL

Mum got us invitation cards to Suria Meriang Sales at Cititel. Fyi, mum works at Cititel.
You should read my sister's blog for this blog post. She blogged every single detail already, there's no point for me to write the exact same thing again.
I'll be posting only photos in my phone that werent uploaded in her blog :) 
head of the day!


These are in my sis's blog but I decided to show you some here.

If you know me, you would know I change my nails colour almost every week :D
I really love the pink one!
I got these Mac nail lacquer at a really cheap price. It's supposed to be RM49 for each but I got RM30 for 3!

This only lasted a day on my finger because I went to get my magnetic nails done the next day hehe

I have an obsession for lipstick now, I dont know whyyyyy hahahah I would put on sharp red if I feel like to LOL
Was searching for lipstick and this is the only one I found, Bobbi Brown's.
They had a lot of lip balm though :/

Salmon, Pink and Tulle 

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