Wednesday, July 31, 2013

EXO- Growl MV

Was waiting for EXO's Growl MV to release and finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Watched it exactly on time, SM wasnt late this time hehe
Hyped on twiiter! #GrowlLikeEXO trending worldwide at first place!
The filming and 360 degrees choreography are AWESOME, way beyond awesome.
All in one shot, without cuts! This is freakin amazingly awesome. 
All of them look so good like omg omg. Especially my bias ♥.♥ BaekYeol, HunHan and Chen!!!
Chanyeol's close ups is soooooo cute ♥ I need more Baekhyun. BaekYeol level of cuteness and hotness is to infinity.
Im getting to like Lay more and more now. hahahaha I LOVE THEM ALL,

Sunday, July 28, 2013

130727 Get Mad Kpop Talent Search 2013 (Queensbay Mall) PART I

As stated above, another kpop talent competition! :D
I dint join them because Im having mock exam soon.
They are my high school seniors (2 years older) which I used to dance with them once back in high school hahaha 
As for YeeLiang and ManYin, we joined kpop contest together before :D
You should know YeeLiang, started out together as Fusion with her and then proceed to Fusion-X when ManYin joined us ♥

Went to support them yesterday! 
ShengShing, KuangLing, YeeLiang, ManYin, YiLynn (SEOULBEATS)
They were dae to the bak! The floor was kinda slippery, ended up with a little flaws in some moves. but overall it's good.
They were the first group.
I think they are the best out of the others in terms of kpop concept. The makeup, the outfits, the songs, the moves, the face expressions, everything.
and here's the video!
It was split into 2 parts because the camera man moved into the scene and I have to move myself to another spot to continue filming.

 Guest judge- Wind Lee 李诗斌 I dont know who he is until they told me lol
I found his smile cute hahahaha that's why I asked haha
He's the host of 8tv 《8 enews 八八六十事》
I'll try to check it out ahaha

w/ them
ShengShing, KuangLing, ME, YeeLiang, ManYin, YiLynn
I dont fit in at all LOL

 KuangLing and Liang Liang

Liang Liang ;D

I brought only my small camera lumix lx5 because my sis needed a camera at home to take photos of babies (Mum's friend bring along her kids to visit so.. yeah)
Out of the 2, I took the small one. It's easier to take video.
My friend took most of the photos, but couldnt transfer the photos because he lend his camera cable to his friend -.- I'll get the photos asap.
Stay tuned for further updates. Hence, this is only PART I

It's time for results.
 Guest Judge
Wind Lee and RUFFNECKZ's leader Yoro Ng!

 He was introducing his show hahaha
and Yoro totally made us laugh out loud LOL

 KIRO!!!! The youngest of RUFFNECKZ
The one with a snapback haha  

Unfortunately, they got 4th which is also a consolation prize.
They announced from the back from 8th to 1st so yep, 4th.
This is so wrong. I personally feel that they should be at least in top3!
There weren't a lot of participates, so I think it's even possible that they were awarded first.
Im not going to criticize other groups, nono, so Im just gonna say in my opinion they are the best as in the whole concept of kpop.
The champion turned out to be the group that involved singing+beat box if Im not mistaken.

Besides that, Seoulbeats won the Favourite Group category. yayyy! It's based on voting! :D

Look at Yoro LOL

Favourite Group

Winners group photos.


Seoulbeats with Wind and Yoro.

I zoomed in because Wind placed his hand on YeeLiang's shoulder! HAHA 

and last pic before leaving that spot, Kiro!!! I was taking a pic of him then he turned over lol

Friday, July 26, 2013

130617 Kuala Gula Trip

Kuala Gula Trip
Programme Activity:
8.30 am: Departure from IICP
10.00 am: Arrival at Kuala Gula
10.30 am: Mangrove cruise
- Sightseeing
- Introduction of the flora and fauna
- Tree planting
- Visit to softshell crab farm
12.30 am: Clean up and lunch at floating restaurant
1.30 pm: Visit to Malay Kampung
- Guided walk
2.00 pm: Visit to Wildlife Conservation Centre (PKHL)
- Exhibition and video sharing
2.45 pm: Closing and group photo
5.00 pm: Reach IICP

Fee: RM60.00 / students
*Inclusive of tour guide, boat ride, tree planting, visiting fee, lunch and refreshment etc.
*Payment made is not refundable
Tips for Participants:
1) Attire: Comfortable outdoor clothes and walking shoes. Suggested to wear T-shirt,
long pants and sport shoes.
2) What to Bring: sufficient drinking water, sunblock, hat, rain gear, small towel,
change of attire, medication, insect repellent, camera, snack and stationery.
3) Safety rules:
- Protect yourself from the sun and rain
- Drink a lot of water
- Be prepared to get wet and dirty
- Always stay in groups and do not wander off on your own
- Do not hurt animal and plant
- Please inform your guide of any emergency
4) Release of liability: All registered participants must understand and accept the risks

and responsibilities associated with the programme (e.g. bad weather, accident, injury).

So as stated above, it's our schedule and tips for the day!
It's the first Monday of my semester break. How did I get myself involved in this?
When I got back from matriculation, ChianChyi was like faster go take form for bio field trip. Inn Joe kept mentioning about floating restaurant. Everything sounds okay right? So, I filled the form and paid.
And then, I only came to realise... we have to get into the mud. Oh crap!
I expected too much, end up with disappointment. lol

Im not a nature lover, but I definitely do not spoil nature.
So many photos of the same thing with sky, water, tress, boats I have to filter through last night.
After Im done with all the photos, Im just too headache to blog. hahaha

End up.. here. Kuala Gula ._.

Arrival at Kuala Gula

ShynYih, CaiYing and InnJoe

Boat ride. Our destination is to the mangrove swamp to plant trees ._.
ChianChyi and InnJoe

yes.. boat 

CaiYing, ShynYih

Even though it looks like a selca but it's not! lol

When we were almost there, there were small insects flying everywhere. omg. and some even landed on my life jacket. omgomg. 
Thank you InnJoe for taking care those insects ._.

Im amazed with my lx5 zooming quality hahaha. Because this little wooden house is really far away.

I dint take any photos at the highlight activity (Tree planting)
because I got so worried of getting into mud and stuff D;
Credits to InnJoe for the few photos below.
Clean legs before getting in.
Im the one on the right with pink nails. Most people have their big toes shorter than their second toes.
I used to think that this was supposed to be less common, but Im wrong. 
Im just the opposite, my big toes are longer haha it turned out to be Im the less common ones

This is what we did.
Step and squash a big hole with your foot.
Place the plant in and cover the mud.

Im so awkward. 
Part of legs are soaked in it.

Finally, done with tree planting. lol

dirty my pants ;(

Every time, like seriously, at least a photo of CC hiao face. WHYYYY hahahahah

We started playing Hamburger, used to play this a lot in primary school. hahaha

Soft shell crab farm? I dont know.

I changed my sport shoes into grandma kind of slipper hahaha

Lunch at so called 'floating restaurant' 
I thought it's gonna be prettyyyy. Im so wrong...
It's a place made of wood, and yea.. floating. 
Have to walk over a wooden plank from the boat to this place, and it's possible to fall over. 
No handle at all, just a  wooden plank, a really small plank. You can only fit one foot, with one in front the other. 
The food is so dry ._.

and this cat, it is like the king of this place -______-
walking everywhere like nobody's business
It even climbed up and sit on a chair like a boss. da heck

Malay Kampung Walk
I dont find it interesting but maybe you do haha

ShiMin and TzeHao
aik aikk

aik aik TzeHao and ShiMin. Im just kidding.
Dont misunderstood. Just friends, sharing a umbrella. Cannot ah? hahaha
If I dont make some explanation, later I'll get blamed for all the misunderstanding ._.

Luckily she dint touch it.
I was like dont touch me if you touch the cow!

CaiYing ._.

CC levitating hehe

Monkey as a pet

Next, Wildlife Conservation Centre.

video shairng bla bla bla

Going back to inti. Oh yeah! The end.
HAHA caught the pigs!

If you manage to read till the end, thumbs up! hahaha
I reluctantly blogged this because I find it a great disappointment due to my high expectation.
I blogged it because this is going to be my first and LAST time involving in something like this. hahahaha
Thanks for reading! if you happened to read till here. lol kthxbye.