Sunday, July 21, 2013

130720 Gavin's Birthday Night

Had been on a hiatus because I have my own personal stuff to do with :(

It's not a long post. Just a sincere post dedicated to fatty Gavin because we dint really spend much time with him ytd. Happy belated birthday! hah

Blackout at my house since morning when I got home, I have to bathe under cold water. I was sweating but couldnt wash my hair because I wouldnt get to blow dry my hair D: stinky oily hair for the whole day.
Worse still, I had to do everything in the dark -______-

Was late for Gavin's surprise at night so they were done with the first part-surprising lol.
I dint even know a specific time to be there haha
But because I was late, tada~ I considered myself a special surprise ._.

I have only one photo of him and I dont think he'll like it... hence, not uploading hahaha
Basically, I did nothing there. First round bbq was over. They got lots of leftover but had problem with starting the bbq pit fire or something and it's getting late anyway.
It's so dark and I couldnt even see who's who 0.0
I went there only for a moment then we headed to ShiYao's house.

btw, I dont know why but every now and then when some people first met me, they got a shocked of how I actually sounded. hahahaha
Most people thought I have this smooth girlish voice. Which I dont! LOL


PeyShan O.O

Car got stuck but was freed eventually.

w/ PeyShan, PehKhim and WingKeh ;D

We went over ShiYao's house to grill some of the leftover chicken. lol and chill.
Should have taken a photo of grilled chicky hahaha cuz it tasted quite good surprisingly ahaha
Only 2 snaps by phone before I left. haha

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