Sunday, July 28, 2013

130727 Get Mad Kpop Talent Search 2013 (Queensbay Mall) PART I

As stated above, another kpop talent competition! :D
I dint join them because Im having mock exam soon.
They are my high school seniors (2 years older) which I used to dance with them once back in high school hahaha 
As for YeeLiang and ManYin, we joined kpop contest together before :D
You should know YeeLiang, started out together as Fusion with her and then proceed to Fusion-X when ManYin joined us ♥

Went to support them yesterday! 
ShengShing, KuangLing, YeeLiang, ManYin, YiLynn (SEOULBEATS)
They were dae to the bak! The floor was kinda slippery, ended up with a little flaws in some moves. but overall it's good.
They were the first group.
I think they are the best out of the others in terms of kpop concept. The makeup, the outfits, the songs, the moves, the face expressions, everything.
and here's the video!
It was split into 2 parts because the camera man moved into the scene and I have to move myself to another spot to continue filming.

 Guest judge- Wind Lee 李诗斌 I dont know who he is until they told me lol
I found his smile cute hahahaha that's why I asked haha
He's the host of 8tv 《8 enews 八八六十事》
I'll try to check it out ahaha

w/ them
ShengShing, KuangLing, ME, YeeLiang, ManYin, YiLynn
I dont fit in at all LOL

 KuangLing and Liang Liang

Liang Liang ;D

I brought only my small camera lumix lx5 because my sis needed a camera at home to take photos of babies (Mum's friend bring along her kids to visit so.. yeah)
Out of the 2, I took the small one. It's easier to take video.
My friend took most of the photos, but couldnt transfer the photos because he lend his camera cable to his friend -.- I'll get the photos asap.
Stay tuned for further updates. Hence, this is only PART I

It's time for results.
 Guest Judge
Wind Lee and RUFFNECKZ's leader Yoro Ng!

 He was introducing his show hahaha
and Yoro totally made us laugh out loud LOL

 KIRO!!!! The youngest of RUFFNECKZ
The one with a snapback haha  

Unfortunately, they got 4th which is also a consolation prize.
They announced from the back from 8th to 1st so yep, 4th.
This is so wrong. I personally feel that they should be at least in top3!
There weren't a lot of participates, so I think it's even possible that they were awarded first.
Im not going to criticize other groups, nono, so Im just gonna say in my opinion they are the best as in the whole concept of kpop.
The champion turned out to be the group that involved singing+beat box if Im not mistaken.

Besides that, Seoulbeats won the Favourite Group category. yayyy! It's based on voting! :D

Look at Yoro LOL

Favourite Group

Winners group photos.


Seoulbeats with Wind and Yoro.

I zoomed in because Wind placed his hand on YeeLiang's shoulder! HAHA 

and last pic before leaving that spot, Kiro!!! I was taking a pic of him then he turned over lol

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