Sunday, August 25, 2013

Study Corner

I know I havent been updating for a really long time.
Because I have more important stuff to prepare for, yea exam D: AS exam. 
Mock soon then the real big exam D; 
Really regret for not focusing for the past few months. Why oh why. 
Finger crossed and wish me luck! 

Ending AS at the end of November, so that means I'll only be free in December. Well... Not that free because Im having A2 next year around May I guess. 
Conclusion: I think Im doom. 
Here's a piece of advice. Please people, dont slack in college. It's harder than you think it is.  

I have a lot of pending blogpost D: so sorry. Im finding time to blog the liebster award but exam come first. Feel bad. Urgh I'll blog once I find the right time to do so :(

Now, Im gonna show u my favourite study corner hahaha 
My all time fav space in Inti library.
Btw, I have just became Inti Library MAYOR on Foursquare HAHAHA. Ok, nothing to be proud of lol

A small cube for myself. Hehe
Dont judge me for highlighting literally everything hahaha 
I couldnt read without highlights/colours lol

And beware, this is a killer! 
Went down to the mini mart to buy myself a drink.
Owhh, ok vitamin is good, I'll take this.
It costs RM2.50 if Im not mistaken.
I cut myself and BLEED to death for opening the metal bottle cap! And worse, I dint even succeed in opening it. Daheck...
I managed to find a friend to open it for me... with a scissors. 
Fyi, my cut is not completely heal yet -__-

It's a small cut but I dont feel it's worth it to even cut myself for a reason like this lolol

I have another friend who buy this drink sometimes and she never had any problem with the bottle cap before ._.

Is it me or the metal cap? -.- 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

130727 Get Mad Kpop Talent Search 2013 (Queensbay Mall) PART II

If you havent check out PART I and my friends (Seoulbeats) video, here's the link.
Details are already stated in PART I.
This blogpost mainly consist of Seoulbeats dance photos ;D
I was filming the dance video so I couldnt take any photos... unless Im an octopus with 8 legs/hands

SO, all photos credits to Nigell Lay.
He dint save all photos for me but probably saved most of Seoulbeats photos.
I'll be posting only Seoulbeats' :D 
I think he'll be uploading all the photos on facebook, he is still in progress I guess, that slowpoke -.-

And also credits to him for photoshopping these dance photos and some others.
4MINUTE- What's Your Name?
GLAM- I Like That
SNSD- I Got A Boy

ManYin, YeeLiang

fav fav! haha

Just in case you dont know
From left to right
KuangLing, ShengShing, YeeLiang, YiLynn, ManYin

HAI Wind
HAI Yoro
ok, female sounds wrong :/

Liang Liang

There're tons of photos of these! Im not even kidding -___-
Had a big headache selecting a few significant ones. 
Happily cross out the photos where someone accidentally blink hahaha
Fourth. Consolation prize.

Conclusion made. Ruffneck'z leader Yoro Ng... brain malfunction  is a CRAZY POSER
His face is like 'Uh! Confidence. Omg, Im so perfect.. OMG' 
It's actually the third time I met him, consecutively for 3 years.
and just this year, I realised he's surprisingly friendly and hyper actively crazy ._. 

and also awarded with favourite group.

Beh paiseh.
BUT my friends asked me to, 
because I was like I wanna take photos with the judges later :p
but wait...

HAI HAI hahahaahha!
He's better looking in person though.
Although I have no idea who he is before that (my bad) but he has a really cute smile so whatever lah ok ^^
It's fine as long as you're cute LOL 
and he's nice :3

I requested to take a photo with Ruffneck'z Yoro and Kiro
Yoro was like 一人牵一边
I was thinking OK OK! lol

This is the first time I met Ruffneckz during a Kpop Contest in Gurney in 2011. They were guest performer. 
They stand real close to everyone who took photos with them and when it was my turn, I guess I had a repulsion force or something, they pose kinda far away from me -__-

The second time was last year during Youth Jam Kpop Competition, Yoro was the judge. Besides giving us comments, nothing else lol. Had no interaction with him.
That's why I never knew he's that crazy, in a good way.

As for this year, I dint join any competition so far but I still see Yoro, as a judge, again.

Back on topic.
Last but not least Seoulbeats very own group photos :D 

Thank you YeeLiang for sending me the photos below ♥

This post should be up like 2 days ago, because I was already almost done with it but then my grandmother pass away :'( and so with so many things going on, I have to delay till I manage to find the right time to finish it.
and Im having an exam real soon, so you know... ttfn!

I know, I have so many blog posts in drafts. But, patience is a virtue :p

Sunday, August 4, 2013

130803 Jean's Birthday

We gave Jean a surprise birthday yesterday
and this is how it all started- 
Nigell and JuanXin planned to give her a surprise just a day before, and it's actually Friday night -__-
a few hours to her birthday lol
and then they called and asked me to invite her high school friends too. It's already 10.30pm for god sake LOL and it's all out of sudden. Surely, some people couldnt make it.
Only JieXhia and Yvonne managed to come haha

and that morning I feel bad for not answering so many repeating calls while I was driving ._.
My phone was in silent mode and I off the vibration mode the other day cuz it's annoying ._. SO SORRY D;

We went bread history to try to pick out a cake that morning but couldnt make a decision, not sure what she likes hahaha failed.
I have this sudden thought of KyePinn's mum unique birthday cake he posted on instagram few months ago hahaha 
I thought it was a really good idea.
Pick 12 slices of cake to make up into one. 
Get to try all sorts of cake LOL each of us picked a few, if it was me I would go for all cheese and choc hahaha
YuanWei and Eevone are like fans of fruit/berry cake from the choices they made o.o

JEAN xoxo gossip girl/exo's album

Jean was hanging out with Juan, chilling at Starbucks, dint know we were there.
JieXhia in the process of distracting Jean. She was on phone with her talking a bunch of stuff and acting like she doesnt know a thing, not part of anything. lol

Lighting candle. Checked.


immediately after this..
Happy birthday to you ;p
You should see her face HAHAHA I can see that she was really shocked!

Blowing the candle out

I wanted to change side because my long fringe would be blocking my left face and I would look distorted 

Yvonne, me, Jean, Jxhia

While I was taking photos for the girls... these people...

Eevone, YuanWei, Jean

plus JuanXin
Substitute Nigell into Juan 



Finally my turn!

Jxhia and Yvonne went back early because Jxhia will be having exam for Malaysian Studies after that and she's fetching Yvonne :(
Then, we played with Jean's Polaroid ;D 

Spotted KyePinn with his family :p

They were trying to fit him with lalas clothes in Kitschen .______.
lala level 100
Potential lala

TongPakFu yayyyyy
I had my cheese hot dog :3 happy happy lol
I had it a lot of times so I dont even bother to take a photo before eating lol.

Happy belated birthday Jean! x
The end.