Tuesday, August 13, 2013

130727 Get Mad Kpop Talent Search 2013 (Queensbay Mall) PART II

If you havent check out PART I and my friends (Seoulbeats) video, here's the link.
Details are already stated in PART I.
This blogpost mainly consist of Seoulbeats dance photos ;D
I was filming the dance video so I couldnt take any photos... unless Im an octopus with 8 legs/hands

SO, all photos credits to Nigell Lay.
He dint save all photos for me but probably saved most of Seoulbeats photos.
I'll be posting only Seoulbeats' :D 
I think he'll be uploading all the photos on facebook, he is still in progress I guess, that slowpoke -.-

And also credits to him for photoshopping these dance photos and some others.
4MINUTE- What's Your Name?
GLAM- I Like That
SNSD- I Got A Boy

ManYin, YeeLiang

fav fav! haha

Just in case you dont know
From left to right
KuangLing, ShengShing, YeeLiang, YiLynn, ManYin

HAI Wind
HAI Yoro
ok, female sounds wrong :/

Liang Liang

There're tons of photos of these! Im not even kidding -___-
Had a big headache selecting a few significant ones. 
Happily cross out the photos where someone accidentally blink hahaha
Fourth. Consolation prize.

Conclusion made. Ruffneck'z leader Yoro Ng... brain malfunction  is a CRAZY POSER
His face is like 'Uh! Confidence. Omg, Im so perfect.. OMG' 
It's actually the third time I met him, consecutively for 3 years.
and just this year, I realised he's surprisingly friendly and hyper actively crazy ._. 

and also awarded with favourite group.

Beh paiseh.
BUT my friends asked me to, 
because I was like I wanna take photos with the judges later :p
but wait...

HAI HAI hahahaahha!
He's better looking in person though.
Although I have no idea who he is before that (my bad) but he has a really cute smile so whatever lah ok ^^
It's fine as long as you're cute LOL 
and he's nice :3

I requested to take a photo with Ruffneck'z Yoro and Kiro
Yoro was like 一人牵一边
I was thinking OK OK! lol

This is the first time I met Ruffneckz during a Kpop Contest in Gurney in 2011. They were guest performer. 
They stand real close to everyone who took photos with them and when it was my turn, I guess I had a repulsion force or something, they pose kinda far away from me -__-

The second time was last year during Youth Jam Kpop Competition, Yoro was the judge. Besides giving us comments, nothing else lol. Had no interaction with him.
That's why I never knew he's that crazy, in a good way.

As for this year, I dint join any competition so far but I still see Yoro, as a judge, again.

Back on topic.
Last but not least Seoulbeats very own group photos :D 

Thank you YeeLiang for sending me the photos below ♥

This post should be up like 2 days ago, because I was already almost done with it but then my grandmother pass away :'( and so with so many things going on, I have to delay till I manage to find the right time to finish it.
and Im having an exam real soon, so you know... ttfn!

I know, I have so many blog posts in drafts. But, patience is a virtue :p

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