Sunday, August 4, 2013

130803 Jean's Birthday

We gave Jean a surprise birthday yesterday
and this is how it all started- 
Nigell and JuanXin planned to give her a surprise just a day before, and it's actually Friday night -__-
a few hours to her birthday lol
and then they called and asked me to invite her high school friends too. It's already 10.30pm for god sake LOL and it's all out of sudden. Surely, some people couldnt make it.
Only JieXhia and Yvonne managed to come haha

and that morning I feel bad for not answering so many repeating calls while I was driving ._.
My phone was in silent mode and I off the vibration mode the other day cuz it's annoying ._. SO SORRY D;

We went bread history to try to pick out a cake that morning but couldnt make a decision, not sure what she likes hahaha failed.
I have this sudden thought of KyePinn's mum unique birthday cake he posted on instagram few months ago hahaha 
I thought it was a really good idea.
Pick 12 slices of cake to make up into one. 
Get to try all sorts of cake LOL each of us picked a few, if it was me I would go for all cheese and choc hahaha
YuanWei and Eevone are like fans of fruit/berry cake from the choices they made o.o

JEAN xoxo gossip girl/exo's album

Jean was hanging out with Juan, chilling at Starbucks, dint know we were there.
JieXhia in the process of distracting Jean. She was on phone with her talking a bunch of stuff and acting like she doesnt know a thing, not part of anything. lol

Lighting candle. Checked.


immediately after this..
Happy birthday to you ;p
You should see her face HAHAHA I can see that she was really shocked!

Blowing the candle out

I wanted to change side because my long fringe would be blocking my left face and I would look distorted 

Yvonne, me, Jean, Jxhia

While I was taking photos for the girls... these people...

Eevone, YuanWei, Jean

plus JuanXin
Substitute Nigell into Juan 



Finally my turn!

Jxhia and Yvonne went back early because Jxhia will be having exam for Malaysian Studies after that and she's fetching Yvonne :(
Then, we played with Jean's Polaroid ;D 

Spotted KyePinn with his family :p

They were trying to fit him with lalas clothes in Kitschen .______.
lala level 100
Potential lala

TongPakFu yayyyyy
I had my cheese hot dog :3 happy happy lol
I had it a lot of times so I dont even bother to take a photo before eating lol.

Happy belated birthday Jean! x
The end.

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