Sunday, August 25, 2013

Study Corner

I know I havent been updating for a really long time.
Because I have more important stuff to prepare for, yea exam D: AS exam. 
Mock soon then the real big exam D; 
Really regret for not focusing for the past few months. Why oh why. 
Finger crossed and wish me luck! 

Ending AS at the end of November, so that means I'll only be free in December. Well... Not that free because Im having A2 next year around May I guess. 
Conclusion: I think Im doom. 
Here's a piece of advice. Please people, dont slack in college. It's harder than you think it is.  

I have a lot of pending blogpost D: so sorry. Im finding time to blog the liebster award but exam come first. Feel bad. Urgh I'll blog once I find the right time to do so :(

Now, Im gonna show u my favourite study corner hahaha 
My all time fav space in Inti library.
Btw, I have just became Inti Library MAYOR on Foursquare HAHAHA. Ok, nothing to be proud of lol

A small cube for myself. Hehe
Dont judge me for highlighting literally everything hahaha 
I couldnt read without highlights/colours lol

And beware, this is a killer! 
Went down to the mini mart to buy myself a drink.
Owhh, ok vitamin is good, I'll take this.
It costs RM2.50 if Im not mistaken.
I cut myself and BLEED to death for opening the metal bottle cap! And worse, I dint even succeed in opening it. Daheck...
I managed to find a friend to open it for me... with a scissors. 
Fyi, my cut is not completely heal yet -__-

It's a small cut but I dont feel it's worth it to even cut myself for a reason like this lolol

I have another friend who buy this drink sometimes and she never had any problem with the bottle cap before ._.

Is it me or the metal cap? -.- 

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