Saturday, September 14, 2013

130913 Queensbay w/ Double J. After Mock.

Just ended mock exam yesterday :D .. and AS exam in 4 weeks.
After I ended my last paper around noon, head back home to wash up and change.
It's impossible for me to go out with the nua look I wear to college everyday ._.

Then I met up with the double J (JieXhia & JeanTeen) In QB ♥
Tried out JieXhia's EX-TR15. hahaha It works like miracle! *points below 

My lunch at Japin
It's sort of spicy till my eyes tear up haha

Chilling at Starbucks.
Photos + craps ;p
It's very seldom that we got to meet up together :/ when Jxhia is so far away at the other side.
I can meet Jean whenever I want to ahahah


Beh paiseh-ing when they were off to toilet :P

And I heart them ♥ Less than three <3

OOTD. Outfit of the day.
This is how I have to do this alone .____.
Pattern all by myself HAHA
I only have the small compact camera with me since sis brought the dslr out.

Piclab's filter :D

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