Sunday, September 1, 2013

Divergent Trailer!

omg omg omgggggg. Just realised they released the trailer already.
One of my all time favourite book! Divergent trilogy, the final book is publishing on October 22nd if Im not mistaken. Im having my AS exam that time, ish. I'll have to wait till my exam ends to read it D:
When I finished the second book, Im like omg omg I need the third book right now! Super duper nervous!

I also fell in love with a fictional character: Four aka Tobias hahaha
I picture him as a really hot guy, like my ideal type ♥.♥ but the cast is... not what I imagined :( he's so old and not... hot. He is supposed to be 18! Does he look like a 18 to you? D:

Judging from the trailer, they dint change the story line (Y) only slight difference like how Four should have blue eyes instead.
The details like Four throwing a knife towards Beatrice injuring her ear is included! That's what I call a movie. *thumbs up
Not like Percy Jackson, the worst movie ever that totally differs from the book -_-

As for what the book is about, I dont have the time to talk about it, I have chemistry lab exam tomorrow ._.
You can get the pdf file from me to read if you want to haha.

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