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130921 'Heaven Gate' New Menu Food Review

Sister's friend, Guendeline invited sis and I to a food review at Heaven Gate.
It was my first time there and I had a chance to try all kinds of food that I have never tried before. 
I'm using the same pictures my sister took because her dslr takes better quality pics :D

First off, Im sorry for not updating for 1739846392 years.
Here's a worthy post to make up to my readers before going on a semi hiatus again (due to exam, a way more important exam than any others I have taken)
Im keeping it short and fast and should get back to biology real soon after all the procrastination D:
For more details refer to my sister's and Guendeline's blog

It's definitely a great place to dine in. It's a MUST to try! (Y)
Quality food (✓)
with reasonable price (✓)
Perfect food presentation (✓)
Great ambiance (✓)
Here goes:
Classic Onion Clear Soup  RM8.90
I dont eat onions because I dont like onions.
My sister loves them (big onion fan) and she loves this dish.
Im okay with this, I dont hate it because it doesn't taste very onion-ish, it tasted a little like black pepper.
I dint take any bites of onions hahaha as you can see, there's lots of onions.
but I like the crunchy garlic bread :p without the.. onions.

Cream of Pumpkin Soup RM10.90
I.. dont eat pumpkin either hahaha I dont't eat a lot of food tbh.
Surprisingly, it tasted quite good.
It's creamy and in a way that it tasted very delicious and not too sweet

Lamb Shank RM68
The lamb shank is incredibly tender, it falls apart at the touch of fork.
Flavorful meat. Perfect.
Plus, it served with a creamy yet light and fluffy mashed potato :D

Laksa Pesto RM24
I.. I.. don't eat laksa either. My sister and I hate the smell of laksa.
But both of us love this dish!
It doesnt have that smelly laksa smell at all! It's really gooddddddd omg
It has that rich and creamy texture that one would die for

King Prawn Grilled Chicken RM38
Just for your info, I don't eat prawn HAHAHA
I hate the taste of 'ocean-seafood-prawn' kind of taste. I have no idea how to describe it. Stupid description.
but but, I eat tempura because it doesn't have that kind of taste hahaha

However! thank god this dish doesn't have that taste either, Im not sure whether it's because of the sauce or the grilled chicken or neither. haha
Anyway, it was scrumptious. The grilled chicken skin is perfectly crispy and the sauce is heavenly good. hehe

Crispy Baked Sea Bass served with Cream of Almond Sauce RM38
FRESHLY baked sea bass with its crispy skin was superb.
When I said 'freshly', it's really fresh! Because they don't use fish that has been stored for a long time.
I have to say that the almond sauce does go beautifully with the fresh see bass.

Roast Duck Breast RM58
My favourite would be this! ♥ No.1 on my list! I would highly recommend this, I guarantee you that you wouldn't regret it.
Perfectly cooked. The skin crips and the meat was fall apart tender.
It gave a very full flavour.
Also served with an additional side dish- sweet potatoes. Love it :D

As for desserts! 
Cream Brulee RM10.90
My fav among all deserts!
Sweet and crunchy caramelized sugar on top of the delicate smooth texture custard.
*thumbs up

Orange Crepes served with Vanilla Ice-Cream RM16.90
Sweet crepes filled with juicy orange slices and topped with ice cream.
This is good! but still, I prefer Cream Brulee :D
Personal preference haha

Marble Cheese Cake RM12.90
If you know me well, you would know that I love cheese cake! I love all sorts of cheese cake!
This was good too, not a really special dish though. I have eaten too many kinds of cheesecake in my life. ahaha
Just a satisfying cheesecake as usual :)


Fyi, every Saturday night 7.30pm-10.30pm, there will be a live band playing the saxaphone and keyboard. 


1A Lebuh King. George Town, Penang
012-477 5979

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 12:00 am
Fri - Sun: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am

This was supposed to be for our own reference, but for your convenience, here you go.
Click to enlarge.

Guendeline and sis

 Chef Kacey
Shaky bad photo but this is the only photo :/

me mee meeeeeee HAHAH

Thank you Heaven Gate :)

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