Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2013 Graduation Ceremony

Not mine. but my beloved younger ones. haha
Was invited back for the 2012 SPM award and an additional award.

We were asked to dress in formal. This explained why I was dress like an old lady, which I hope I dint actually look like one. I dint plan to wear a blazer but was told that sleeveless is not allowed. hahaha Rules back in the days.

Teachers still nag about some of our dress code, well, because you know.. they stick to the old thinking and want us to abide by the dead rules.
tbh, some of the rules are like way too over, it's not about discipline and cleanliness anymore, it's like trying to turn student into something as ugly as possible. hahah
Im glad that I survived my secondary years. I felt that teensy weensy stress and tense, strict school rules and just gotten a lot stricter. Anyway, congratulations on finally graduating! hahah

Just that morning, I received the happiest news on earth! Ann Yong as tadaaaaaaaaa *points below
KuanTing and I were literally jumping HAHA

It's a right thing to put us at the back, we were noisy as hell. 

 SPOT Ucapan Wakil Murid Tingkatan 5 hehehehe Lim Ann Yong 

We were on the same page :D
This is the additional award Im talking about. Based on the 3 sciences. Best Science Student. hoho
and I tell you, this award is like the second happiest thing of the day hahaha you have no idea how much $$ I received from that haha thank you so much Lions Club for such generous amount!

btw, congratulations Fong Sam Pei! haha
I'll never forget the times where you asked us to leave the classroom during recess, forbidding us to eat in class, asked us to be quiet every time with shhhhh etc
Example of an ideal prefect. I wrote good things about you in my last year graduation post though hah

 AnnYong giving her speech. Moment of GLORYYY.
I moved forward so I can get a closer pic of her

So proud of you :') *wipe tears

  I was right after her hahaha
All of us were asked to tie our hair up last minute (Principal orders) ha ha
They only managed to give us the normal rubber bands, not those meant for hairs.
So I have an orange rubber band on my hair which is really weird and obvious from the side view.
anddddddd my hair was so flat,couldnt even tie my hair nicely.

 singing their graduation song.
and then YeeShuang gets all teary hahahaha not even kidding!

Photos with them hehe 
Photo was out of focus because I realised I set the focus on the right and forgot to set it back.

They are considered really tall ._. so just fyi Im not as short as I look in the photos... due to comparison. Um..yea.
diff angle, if that makes any difference.. 

 Pheik Yee
pardon me for my messy hair D:

KuanTing and YeeShuang 

KuanTing, YeeShuang, AnnYong, HuiPing, PheikYee

Piece of advice. Appreciate these friends you have right now, you'll never know what would happen in the future.
and, when you further your studies, no matter where you go, you'll still encounter with at least 1 psycho teacher. Life. haha

Im blessed to get to know them :)

Photos credit: HuiPing
Got some of the photos from her. Thank you! :) Directly downloaded from her fb album, so some of these photos have low resolution.

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