Thursday, October 24, 2013

Padini Stylista Contest 2013

I wanted to match something that is chic and fashionable with high fashion looking details.
The sheer panel sleeveless dress is something every girl should have. It can be tucked in into the tweed shorts to make the look somehow casual yet girlish. Loving the tweed shorts!

The quality long jacket can be worn and taken off depending on the weather. The outfit still would not lose its class without the jacket, thanks to the accessories that I'm going to complete this outfit with.
The statement necklace definitely is perfect to match with the white top. The bead and chain bracelet stack adds the cool element to this ensemble.
Another item that I really like is the ring that makes the whole outfit look girlish and sweet.

Chosen the dark red zip up boots as the key piece in the outfit to grab attention with its non-monotone colour. The zippered clutch with stud detail is also another key item to finish the perfect chic look.