Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Heirs / The Inheritors Trailer (Chinese Sub)

Here's the 14 minutes 'The Heirs' with chinese subtitles!
It's the kdrama that everyone has been looking forward to! The most highly anticipated drama. 
Premiering tomorrow!
All the top starts in one.
Lee MinHo, Park ShinHye, Kim WooBin, Choi JinHyuk
Kang HaNeul and Kim JiWon, you should know them from the drama 'To The Beautiful You'
Krystal from f(x)
MinHyuk from CN Blue
HyungSik from ZE:A
How is this not the best korean drama of the year?! Best of the best people are here and a bonus with kpop stars.

Check the trailer out! More photos, go here :)

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