Thursday, November 14, 2013

131112 Chian Chyi's Birthday

Just so you know, Im still in the middle of my exam. haha but I have a short break in between.
You know you couldnt delay a birthday post so here it is haha.
ChianChyi's birthday surprise.
JiaYing came to pick few of us up after she finished her last paper D: I still have 2 papers to go urghh
Then, we bought oreo cheesecake from Secret Recipe (I took 8 seconds to recall the name Secret Recipe, because the first thing that pops in my mind was Victoria Secret HAHAHAH. They just had their VS Fashion Show! Have you seen Candice and her $10 million Fantasy Bra?! *jaw drops)

Back to reality D; hahaha
Her super duper cute sister opened the door for us hehe. CC was sleeping and her grandma was about to go upstairs to wake her up and her sis was like shhh shhhhh dont. hahaha

 Sleeping beauty. 
Jiaying walked over and whispered at her ear 'ChianChyi ChianChyi' AHAHA
hehe CC first reaction was OH MY GOD *hides

 CC's toot toot

For someone who just woken up from a nap, pretty right? hehe ♥

 Toot toot passing by.

 First time having a cake on a bed haha 
She said it's fine ;p
 Her sisters'

 Placing tissues under it
This cake is so NICEEEEEE. You'll never go wrong with cheesecake!

 ShynYih wondering away

Here's us ;D

wacky faces
Im sorry I kinda suck at it. Need to learn some from Cara Delevingne hah

Headed to Queensbay and had some sushi lol

and at night, satisfied my craving for Raja Uda Tomyam with family hoho

Want more VS fashion shows?! I dont care. I'll post Ming Xi! haha my fav asian model hehe
Yessss, she's walking this year! ahhhhhhh

 Got this from her Instagram hehehehe
Spot Jac! :D