Wednesday, December 4, 2013

131116 Dinner w/ YunXuan (Salsas & Chocolate Passion)

This was still during exam. haha that break between papers was sort of the time for everyone to slack. Well, for most. 
I had dinner with YunXuan :)
We couldn't decide where to and eventually ended up at Salsas, Paragon.
We went for the set dinner. He went for fish and I went for the chicky. I preferred mine :p
It was surprisingly good, never knew haha. Satisfying dinner.

Chocolate Passion for dessert!


Affogato ♥
I wanted to order one of the other desserts, but the one I want was already sold out, not available that night :/

Got a bracelet and this clock locket from him as a gift from China.
I picked this out of a bunch of other lockets.
This is so prettyyyyyyyyyy. That vintage-kind-of-look ♥.♥ ah

dint notice this was shaky. Im lazy to take another photo so.. :p

and my look for the night! Goodnight! :)

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