Monday, December 2, 2013

131119 Hair Cut (Long to Middle Length)

Ended my last paper last Friday. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee
If you wanna know how I did. I dont think I did well, as in I can do better. haha
Anyway, I had been going out quite a lot after that haha. Now, I have the time to sit down and update.

I'll go with the hair cut post first. Chopped my hair off about 2 weeks ago!
I had this shoulder length hair in my mind for quite a time so I decided to do it during the short break I had between my exam papers.
I started to leave my hair long since 13 (my school doesnt allowed long hair in primary, but they do allowed in secondary, probably just the opposite as all the other schools) so I got bored of it.
Was telling KeYin aka Sabrina about it, and came to a conclusion to try out her friend's, Darryl's parents's salon haha

here goes my hair cut day.
One phone selfie ;p 

Lunch at One Stop 

The salon is located at One Stop.
 Spot KeYin on the Christmas tree!

w/ KeYin

 KeYin told me these are Darryl's art
Woah right?!

Let the hair chopping BEGIN hahaha
-very serious face- 

bye bye hair

and right! I did perm my hair!
I woke up with a bird nest look-a-like head everyday, with the curls going in the wrong direction haha. If I dont blow or style my hair, my hair can be kinda awkward. The curls are slowly wearing off, but it's okay, still good.
I dont care how I look in college so I still go to college with that bird nest hair hahahaha I guess I should put a little more effort on my looks in college in the future, I literally look like poop in college ._.

Im happy with my hair!
I wouldnt say I look better with long hair or middle length hair.
Because both length, each gave me a totally different look

After that, we went over to All Season Place for dinner at Winter Warmers.

Her boyfriend joined us for dinner
and YunXuan did join us later on, but I don't have any good photos :(

Im glad to receive those compliment from you guys. THANK YOU ♥♥♥
I really appreciate it, you guys made my day :)

one last selfie ;p

You can call him up for an appointment and also consult him for a hairstyle too if you want to. 
They are really niceeeeeeeee and friendly people :D

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