Sunday, December 8, 2013

131129 Dolce Dessert

It started of with WeiSheen, WanYan and I.
And these places are all WS's suggestions, he hasn't stop eating ever since he came back Malaysia -.- and also researching lots of place to try out.

First stop.

Dolce Dessert
I don't know what's their signature dessert over there. 
We tried out slices of cakes. My Tiramisu cake is very ordinary. They said the one they had werent special neither, just ordinary. 
The average price is around RM9 or 10. They have other different kind of chocolate cakes and limited choices of cheese cakes, was kinda having a dilemma and was surprised that I actually picked Tiramisu.
They have waffles too.
Mine- Tiramisu

WanYan's- Green Tea

WeiSheen's- White Chocolate Caramel

A great thing about this place is that there's lots of mirrors on the second floor. CLEAN mirrors, no finger prints or stains. Squeaky clean. *points below
fyi, you can stare at yourself through the mirror while you're eating HAHAHA

It's empty when we arrived, so I din't bother to take pictures of myself in front of these mirrors haha

And if you prefer outdoors, there's a place for you.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 3pm-11pm

  • No. 18 , Jalan kek chuan 10400 Penang, Malaysia

We went 2 more places after that. But, it's 11.47PM right now and it's getting late for me hahah goodnight! Im not really sleepy yet, because I slept in the afternoon ._. but still yea, bed.

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