Sunday, December 8, 2013

131205 H&M Opening in 1st Avenue Penang

That morning after class, I went back to Looi to check my braces retainer, because I felt my front teeth slanted outward a little, fyi I still wear my retainer every night. Planning to put on braces on again if there's a problem. 
Waited for 2 hours, and he finally came to check my teeth for only about a minute. Then, talked to me for about another minute -.- He said my teeth is fine, my bite is still right. Then I was emphasizing that my teeth wasn't as perfect as when it was first done. His theory was our teeth are not lamppost stuck to the ground, they can still move and mine were still good. So... okay fine. 
But it only took him 2 minutes, like why couldn't they slot me in earlier and actually let me waited for 2 hours? They know retainer checking only requires like 5 minutes at most -.-

I heard about H&M opening in 1st Avenue, so I headed there with mum.
Old Town, mum's fav place for coffee.

It was located at LG and G. 2 floors. 

This was a candid shot hahaha

I dint buy anything. There's nothing for me to buy ._. It's the same as paragon.
Don't have to make a special trip just for the H&M over here.

Goodnight :)


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