Thursday, December 26, 2013

131209 Kaffa Espresso Bar @ Green Hall, Penang

Met up with some of my most beloved secondary school juniors and some same year age lao ee :p girl guides buddies.
They wanted to try out Kaffa, so Kaffa it is.
I brought Jean along with me too :D

I dont know about theirs. I dint even take all the photos of drinks and food. Damn
and this was Pheik Yee's half eaten pasta.

 Turkey Ham, Brie & Apple Triple-Decker Sandwich (RM 16.90)
This sandwich tower comes with two level of goodness. 
The first level is the healthy one, where it houses thin apple slices and brie; while the second level comes with a generous portion of turkey ham.
It was okay. It's a little messy trying to eat this hahaha everything would just fell apart.
Also served with a mashed potato, which I really really like it! 
The mashed potato could easily be in my list of top 3 mashed potatoes hehe

Did not try their coffee because after reading some of the reviews, 
their coffee was just average.

I like the settings inside.
By the way, it's really hard to find a parking over there. 

Click to enlarge to check the menu.
But, you don't have to. Check out their website
They have everything in details.

Upstairs, open air.
It was so hot, you wouldn't want to go up there in the afternoon unless you want to be fried ;p
and if Im not mistaken, it's also the smoking area.

 HuiPing, YeeShuang, Pheik Yee
InnJoe, me, AnnYong 
Jean took the photo for us so she wasn't inside. 

Plus, Jean 

22, Green Hall, 10200 Pinang George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 
Tel: +6 04 - 262 2822
Mon - Sun: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

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