Tuesday, December 24, 2013

131221 WeiSheen's Birthday Party @ 8 Gurney

At 8 Gurney! Super big condominium hahahaha
It's more like a house tour instead ._____.

I bet everyone laughed at this. He dint know about this either hahaha
No idea who prepared ._.

YeeXuan, WingKeh and I 

We had buffet dinner, anddddddd I forgot to take photos of anything. Oops ._.
But I enjoyed and was bloated :p
He should at least change right?! Everyone agrees? yes.
He was like never mind :/


Here comes the new house tour :D It's still quite empty.
omgggggggggg. A house like this is to dream for.

His mum's closet is hugeeeeeeeeeeeee. Impossible to get the whole view.
Even larger than princess diaries'!

 Mirrors everywhere!


This table lamp! ahhhhhhhhh. So nice but I don't need one anyway hahahah 

 Personal swimming pool



 Gavin and ShiYao... 

We gave him clothes as presents! :D
I hand picked them *smirk
because money cant buy my great sense of style AHAHA .___.
First time ever, I shop at the men's clothing in details. I realised men's clothes are so freaking nice!!!
All those coats and sweaters, so Lee MinHo. lol Lee MinHo is the perfect adjective hahaha

 Staring at the tv, completely freeze.
and you know what was playing that time? Some sort of old chinese song ._____.

 GD, Top, ParkBom
Oh Yeah!

 ShiYao's pattern photography of PeyShan 

oh and,

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