Wednesday, December 25, 2013

131224 Christmas Eve (Mon Délice Patisserie / Brown Pocket / Love Bites)

How I spent my Christmas eve :D
We planned to celebrate WanYan's birthday on eve. She's a daughter of Santa Claus, born on the 25th haha
I used LX5 ytd and hence photos quality isnt that good as my T3i/600D.

WeiSheen and I went to Mon Délice Patisserie at Nagore Road to pick a cake for her.
We ordered at the spot for a whole cake, and would only take about 15 minutes or so to get the cake done. I don't know what super power they have though, or maybe they have everything half ready? 
He definitely dint have whole cakes ready at the counter besides those orders customers have already placed.
Decided to go for Cocoa Cheese Cake.

This is so cool and pretty. I Googled. It's called croquembouche.
I saw a lady came in to take away her order, which is something like this. It's so nice. haha 
Pretty on the outside.
I guess a cake would taste better :p 

After that long wait, off to Paragon to meet the rest!
Dint get to see that helium balloon surprise moment. boohoo
Brown Pocket at Gurney Paragon
Triple chocolate Liege Waffle (RM18.90)
White Choc, Milk Choc and Dark Choc
It's very very chocolaty! I like it :D 
Worth a try, I would recommend at least 2 person share the dish.

Summer Chocolate  (I forgot... RM15.90?) ah, sorry, but it's probably around there.
It's ice at the bottom. Not recommended haha try the Triple Choc will do.
If you're craving for the oreo and banana, I suggest you to get them at Cold Storage/Tesco/Jusco then

Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

 PhooiFun, yours truly, WingKeh, WanYan aka birthday girl, PehKhim


I got these few epic photos below from WanYan. hehe
It was WingKeh who wanted to take a photo with the balloons and she was preparing herself -_____- Im innocent.

*observe *observe *pop head behind 

Interrupting their photo. But, they walked up and joined me for one instead :P

 Hardworking MinYi was working, we had a little chat hehe
Haven't see her for ages man

I look very short beside her :( 

Dinner at Secret Recipe

WS's kids burger HAHAH 

Love Bites
I'd been here once, not a place that I would want to go again.
But after a long discussion, we ended up here. Lots of cafe are closed on Tuesday.

They only had Christmas set and no ala carte. Was so full, couldnt possibly eat the whole set -.-
It also includes a drink which I forgot what it was and a soup but those were ruined before I could even take a photo.
Sorry for the terrible lighting photos below haha

 Chicken something. Chicken for sure. haha 
Just so so. I would say the dessert and the drink are the good ones.
This main nahhhh :/
I have to say that they have really good service, serve you very well.

You have no idea how many photos ShiYao took for PeyShan
It's like me and my sister .____. not really, we do take turns to photograph each other.
But theirs? It's solely ShiYao taking for her. ahaha

It's time for cake!
It's so goodddddddddd ahhhhhh. Cocoa Cheeseeeeee. I would head back to Mon Delice to try the tiramisu and others hoho

We separated to diff places after that. 
Some of us including me went to ShiYao's house, Christmas countdown at his comfy house.
We were watching Total Recall and I was like eh 12 already. MERRY CHRISTMAS lol
Went back after awhile.
and so! I finished the rest of Total Recall at home today HAHAHA

Few more minutes till Christmas ends,
 from the Lian sisters

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