Tuesday, December 31, 2013

131228 Christmas Potluck Part 2/3

Baking oreo cupcakes
With ChianChyi masterchef! She cooks a lot at home. 
I only helped out a little little with the easy stuff hahaha.
It came out a bit ugly because we don't have proper equipment like cupcake pan and decorating syringe and tips for the icing :(
 It's basically a choc cupcake with a little modification.

 add the oreo in the middle

The cream frosting! My fav! It's so good! So sweeeeeet ♥.♥ nom nom
dip the frosting with anything and everything hohoho best feeling ever.
 the amount of fats hahaha

 Chyi's serious face.

 throw in the oreo crumbs

decorating only with a plastic bag without tip :/
 whats matter is the taste, which is a thumbs up!

The others doing the mushroom soup. 

At least it's something easy that I can do haha
  Hershey's chocolate :)

We couldnt find any large marshmallow at Teaco and hence we bought the small ones. 
Crackers, chocs, marshmallows.

Heat them in the microwave, see how they expand hehehe. The time depends on how you want the marshmallows to be.
I didn't melt it, just let it soft in the inside. only for about 20 seconds.
You could use the oven instead.


 dip in the pool

Photoshopping some photos to save some time at home heh

It's already the last day of 2013 :/ time flies huh :(
Have a nice day :)


  1. the oreo chocolate cupcakes look real good!!!! =D
    and the biscuits sandwich with marshmallow <333

    Heaven Knows