Tuesday, December 31, 2013

131228 Christmas Potluck Part 1/3

We had a Christmas potluck at Kim's house that night :D too many photos, it would be too long and hence I separated them into 3 parts.

Had dimsum with my parents early in the morning at Dai Dong.
My all time fav at dim sum. Salad prawn! hehe

 Lo Mai Kai/Glutinous Chicken Rice

 Wu kok/ Yam dumplings 

 egg tarts

They then drop me off at Kim's house. I reached quite early which was around 9.45.
Chyi was there before me hahaha
I do not know how to cook haha. I probably would get a F for being a good house wife ._. but in this century, there's no such thing as only girls go into the kitchen and do house chores crap lor. Guys and girls equal okay. I'll learn to cook a little :p

I only helped out a bit, I couldn't really help any big thing. Failed.
In the process of spaghetti sauce making or mixing actually while Im photographing ahaha 

 washing tomatoes

 I can do simple things like stirring hahaha

CHICKENNNNNNNN!! Kim's mum fried chicken is so GOODDDDD. hehehehehe

._. Chyi took lots of photos of Roxy and I would feel sorry if I didn't even post one.

We went to tesco to buy some ingredients for cupcakes and s'mores :D lunch first. At sakae. 

I only ate a tuna because I was bloated with the dim sum still undigested in my tummy eheh

TESCO!! and what tesco remind you people of?! :D Yes, the collectable figurines! :D
I have collected them all, not really all, left the new released limited edition Thor. Damn.
You'll get a sticker for every RM50 purchased. Um um... give me if you dont want them. haha

I got 2 from tesco that day, and Kim gave me 6, she doesn't want them :DDD

 So, we have this gift exchange(around rm20). Was informed 2 days before. I went out so many days but just for that 2 days I actually stayed home -_- 
So I bought my gift at tesco. It has to be unisex what, so food is probably the best choice.
I love love love nutella. Everything goes with it, dip everything with nutella! wheeeee
I want to try making nutella milkshake one day! 
I should have done a nutella smores too! oh man.

Next post would be cupcake baking and smores making! haha

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