Wednesday, December 4, 2013

EXO 'Miracles in December' MV

THE NEED TO POST THIS. Share this to the WORLD people!
I swear you aint gonna stop listening once you hit the play button.
If you ever said that EXO is just a group with good looking members and no talent, you might wanna rethink and change that statement! This is .

BaekHyun, Chen and DO voices are god level ♥ I don't even know how to express this. To me, Luhan sounded good but I like the other 3 more. People have different preference.
They reminded me of TVXQ, when all 5 of them are still together, those were the best years. The 5 of them together, they are invincible & unbeatable. Each of their unique voices go together so well and yes, that's god level. haha

Im so happy Chen Chen getting so much exposure ever since their promotion in Korea. He was so quiet during their promotion in China :(
Love him so much and people need to see more of the talkative and talent side of him.
There's a friend of mine actually placed Chen as her least fav, I was like whyyyyyyyyyyyy?! I hope he's everyone's top fav now ♥

Sit back and enjoy. This is the best Christmas Song in the history of Christmas music.

You'll love this gif image :)

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