Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Heirs GIF

The Heirs is over :( and so I thought of uploading some of the gif, while Im cleaning my room. More to come! So many amazing scenes!!!!!!!!
Spoilers alert 
That bittersweet feeling when it ended :(
A happy ending for KimTan and EunSang. But as for some.. not so much of a happy ending :(
It feels like they left us hanging there. Omg I can die.

I pity Tan's brother!!! D: It's just so sad, I got teary when Hyun Joo is breaking up with him and when Tan said Kim Won cries at night. One who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown. This is so cruel.

I think I shed a lot of tears at the last episode.
When poor Young Do meets his mum :')
When EunSang talks about witnessing those people drawing the body outline in Jeguk High :/ I can feel how struggle and how helplessness they are. It's just so sad D:

I would want more of a solution between Hyo Shin and his parents, not just leaving to serve for military :( need more.. episodes. ahhh

I like the last part when Tan narrates the rest till the end :') I hate how they dint give us a complete happy ending though :(

WATCH IF YOU HAVEN'T. You'll regret if you don't. One thing I like about this drama is, they confess their love for each other so fast instead of dragging throughout the drama! That's the way!
Even non kpopers watched, so come on

Here's some gif. The amazing 10 weeks. Maybe I'll be posting the last episodes and the older ones soon! :)

MinHo is so cuteee

I ship MinHyuk and Krystal!!!!!!

Favourite HyungSik (MyungSoo) scene HAHAHA 

YoungDo T_T
I always like WooBin with his fringe down

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