Sunday, January 12, 2014

131130 Paragon w/ Sister (Sushi Zanmai // Miam Miam)

About a month ago. I always note down the date at my title, not sure whether anyone reads it but whatever hahaha

Sushi Zanmai
for lunch

Im not very into sushi, Im just okay with everything haha

Miam Miam
Finally tried out the famous French Toast.
I read that it's only good for its french toast and souffle.
French Toast (RM16.80)
This is undeniably good! Probably the best french toast I have ever had!
The maple syrup goes so well with it, magnific.
but it's pricey for a french toast, if you ask me, I would only try this once. It's not something I would crave for and go for it another time. 

sort of a no expression face hah

and I met Jane Chuck :D she was walking to the toilet hahaha and I called out to her and run over for a photo.
bad hair day ;( and if I'd known, I would at least dress up better ._.
At least I have a photo with her. Stop complaining so much.


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