Sunday, January 5, 2014

131228 Christmas Potluck Part 3/3

Part 1
Part 2

Finally the last part!
Only a few of us kehpo ones went early. The others came around 6 and time for nom nom nom.

Warming the chickyyy
I want more .____.

Just realised I did not take all food photos leh aiyor

They playing mahjong ._.

Roy xbox dancing haha

Gift exchange! Gift at RM20.

How the gift exchanging game goes.
So, it started with someone choosing a gift and pass around. While Kim's sis plays the music, when the music stops, the one holding the gift is the 'chosen one'. The 'chosen one' will then select the next gift and leave the circle. :D
Chosen one sounds so Harry Potter-ish hahaha

Some of your reaction photos look kinda terrible hahahaha Im nice enough not to post them. 
ShynYih took these photos because she forgot to bring along her gift, so I passed my camera to her and let her do her job! 

WeiPing received YuSheng's and...
YuSheng received WeiPing's. Was it?

ChianChyi's face red like tomato. She received Joanne's HAHAH which she has already known what was it and it's in her bottom list.
St. Dalfour blueberry jam (I have this at home) and Hershey's kisses choc which is not a bad thing, just that she doesn't want them haha

JiaYing got Kim's piggy bank.

The most unwanted between few of us hahaha. The japanese headband, hachimaki from CaiYing.
It's a very very good thing Jason got it, this suits him most! and he is so happy about it!

Kim. ahah fated to receive Mai's snow globe.

I got Winnie's pepero! which is something I like!


Tock Tock got mine.

and Winnie got CC's starbucks card.

My pepero :D I left it in Kim's house, forgot to bring home T_T it's still in her house T___T

Gummy worms. I loveeeee soft chewy sweets

ShynYih, ChianChyi, Winnie

This was then first cake. I really didn't expect it at all, because my birthday is still few days away ._.
When they brought the cake out, everyone stared at me. I was quite confused at first, my first thought was: is this for me? oh, it is. ._. 
Thank you!!! ;)

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