Thursday, January 2, 2014

131231 New Year's Eve

Phone selca in the car

Chocolate Passion at Paragon for the second time.
Tried different things.

Mint Hot Chocolate (RM15.50) 
was quite disappointed, I was expecting that mint which you can feel that fresh coldness inside your mouth. It's exactly the opposite, with only a slight mint flavour.  

 Chocolate bomb (RM18.50)
The chocolate is really good. 
Thank you chef for writing/decorating it down so beautifully for me hahahaha
It's obvious wingkeh is the one who asked for these phrase, only she would call me pretty lynn ._.
btw, it's my birthday today! Jan 2nd ;)
I was busy taking photos of that hot choc when this was served, dint even notice till I stop taking my hot choc photos and take a look due to their awkward silent hahaha. 

collage the whole melting process.

Photo below was so dark. Maybe I had my camera settings wrong D:
Tried brightening them, couldn't avoid the image noise level :(
fyi, noise is referred to as grains on photos.

 Met up with MinYi who was working at Gurney for dinner at Xuan Xin Restaurant.
I met AnnYong who was working at Aldo :D gahhhhhhhh, happy. hahah

Straits Quay for the countdown event. Reached quite early.
Bumped into KeYin! She told me she was going Straits Quay a day before but us meeting up was a coincidence haha

 WingKeh and KY


 this surprise birthday cake. It's chocolate. 
Truly appreciate. THANK YOU! Kamsahamnida! Domo arigato!
Second huge birthday cake. and none was cheese ._. but those cakes are my fav alternatives.
but but but, no more cake pleaseeee. Too much. I would only have cake once in awhile. I appreciate your sincerity and effort. Thank you. If someone buys me another cake, Im gonna smash it in your face *smirk

 Gavin's random photography. meh

The fireworks display was about 6 to 7 minutes long. It's thousand times better to see it with your own eyes.
Some photos below look like galaxy stars, which I personally really like it hehe




We were then separated for awhile because some of us were walking in front, and some people at the back dint even bother to inform us that they were heading to another direction. Thank you for not informing? and hence I miss out seeing KuanTing. Jeez. Thanks -.-
still, heart them :)

 WeiSheen, Gavin, ShiYao

 -The End-