Monday, January 27, 2014

140125 DreamLand, The Penang Flea Market @ Full House Cafe, Times Square Penang

I went to the flea market the other day hoping to get some new clothes for cny because tbh, I did not really shop for any cny clothes haha. 

a drink while accompanying WingKeh for her lunch, I had mine earlier.

Spot darling JieXhia
  they got her name wrong ._. they ate the 'h' haha

Keh, me, Jxhia. I had this b&w idea, don't mind me haha
 insta in insta ;)
I got a top from Jonquilkiss for only RM15! :O what a steal!

 It's a little small inside, but you know what's best?
The songs selection. It's all kpop! BigBang, f(x), Sistar etc 
I was like omggg happyyyyyy

The sweet Anerly

Coincidentally bumped into KeYin and her sister there :D
Her sis was grabbing the camera so yea...

KathPure. The one behind the miyome business :)
To my surprise, she's so nice, cute and lovely in person. I swear! and very prettyyy. 

So to finalize, I got myself
- a crop top from Jonquilkiss at RM15
- a knit sweater from Uniqueens at RM35
(it's in light pink, so not me but it's so beautiful and I think I look kinda good in it :p)
it's a good thing we got to try the clothes out.
- and also, the Diane.3 Sunscreen from KathPure

I'll be posting photos when I wear them. Stay tuned :p
So happy that I got those pieces at such price! gahhh
People there are so freaking nice too.

and then, I met up with my high school mates, KuanTing and YeeShuang. Keh tagged along and we headed to QB. It has been ages since we really sit down and talk.
 Porridge for dinner haha because I wanted something simple and light that night.
No idea why.
but dang, so fulled. I didn't know they serve that amount of You Tiao :O Couldn't really finish.

They craved for spaghetti hence we went Winter Warmers later on. 

I can only say Im fair beside her :p because Im usually the darker skin toned person.
Not in this case hahaha

I don't get to update as much as I did during my hols.
College isn't easy. A levels aint no joke :(
and yea, I received my AS results last Friday. Straight As but Im not happy with my percentile scores T_T


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