Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013-2014 Kdrama Recommendation

These are the good kdrama Im currently watching.
Prime Minister and I

Kwon Yul, a South Korea’s youngest Prime Minister who is 100% capable in his work but 0% capable in parenting, he struggles in raising his 3 kids alone. Nam Da Jung, a young reporter who full of enthusiasm but always ends up missing big scoops. She accidentally gets into a scandal with Prime Minister and to keep his position, they get married. She enters his house and becomes a young affectionate mother to his kids like a Christmas present and that's when the love story begins.

YoonA!!! She's so pretty like goddess no matter what she does. Her acting improved a lot, so lovely, this is so much better than Love Rain! Maybe Lee Seung Gi had given her a few tips HAHAH
and Yoon Si Yoon ♥ my 面包男, I called him that ever since his drama 'Bread, Love and Dreams'. haha
He lost so much weight for this drama, even his face slim down with a more defined V-line. His cuteness and charisma. ahhhhh

You Who Came From the Stars

Do Min Joon is an alien who came to earth in 1609 and lands in the Joseon era, then lives through the next four hundred years to the present day where he works as university professor and falls in love with a haughty top hallyu actress, Chun Song Yi.

I like the part most where they show us the Joseon era when he first came down to earth. His alien powers are so cool! It's a really nice drama. Yay Kim Soo Hyun!
No idea why they look for Ji Hyun for the lead female role, back on tv after 14 years of hiatus ._.

Beautiful Man
Dok Go Ma Te is a macho with an impeccable appearance who has shaken up ten of the top 1% it-girls in South Korea. He is about to share some tips on ‘how to get a girl’. Among his women, there is an ordinary girl who falls in love with Ma Te and her name is Kim Bo Tong. The story becomes more interesting when Bo Tong starts to do things to win his heart and the unpredictable romance finally starts.

I'd only watched a few episodes. Not sure whether Im going to continue. For me, it's a little boring. I list it here because all the main roles are popular stars and maybe you will like it. But, Im not a fan of them as in neutral besides Han Chae Young. She's so prettyyyyyyyyyy.
Why is Jang Geun Suk and Lee Jang Woo stuck with this hair?! They are gorgeous people if they ditch this hair!
Im so disappointed with IU after what she did which brings up that scandal with EunHyuk D: When I see her face, I think of it D:

Marry Him if You Dare
Set in the world of television broadcasting, Na Mi-rae travels back in time to prevent her 32-year-old self from marrying news anchor Kim Shin, thus sending her past self down a different path and enabling her to pursue the things she really wanted in life.

This drama was before 'Prime Minster and I' takes over. Already ended. but I find that so many people was busy 'The Heirs'-ing and they forgot about our YONG HWA! Watch if you haven't!
YongHwa is incredibly handsome. and playing the role of a rich guy. Bonus! haha


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