Sunday, January 19, 2014

I started playing Dayre a week ago. A one week trial before telling people Im using it haha. I post pretty much everyday and everything.

At first, I don't plan to use it because it's a phone app. It's so troublesome for me, I take photos with my camera. That means I'll have to move them to computer and then move them to my phone to Dayre.
Besides, I already have a blog.

But last saturday was having 7 hours of class and was inspired to post random things haha.

Then, it hits me. I always have to make sure my blog photos are quality photos and neglected my phone camera and phone photos. 
So, I have decided that those not so quality photos which I don't get to post on my blog and those random daily stuff which is pretty much everything, I will be posting on Dayre :D 

There's one thing about Dayre, how do you find friends via facebook or twitter?! :/ I only managed to find a few ppl who announced their Dayre in public and a few others via their following. Hahah

Follow me on :D
Yep, Im really late. The trend is probably over, everyone might have an account and just leave it there now but whatever ;p

Made this vid with the jailbreak tweak RecordMyScreen. 
I use the song 'Banmal Song' because it's the only song in my iphone after restoring hahaha


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