Friday, January 31, 2014

Floral x Numbers

My CNY outfit post. Not a professional outfit post, just a random outfit post.
Taken by my sister ChiaYi and her phone, Note 3. Because none of us brought camera back to Kedah, which was a mistake.

 Phone print at my pocket oops

Oops again at my chip off nail varnish D; I have nothing in Kedah to touch up.

Wearing: Floral top from Jonquilkiss (the one I got for RM15 ;p), Shorts from Forever 21
Lipstick: Mac Dangerous (a really lovely matte orangey red)
Camera Necklace from FourSkin years ago.

Why we didn't bring our cameras along? Because we never bring them back to Kedah.
There's nothing to take. Also, we don't bother to dress up there.
This year Im making a different by dressing up for the first time! haha

Im not that kind of girl who wears a lot of dress. You hardly see me wear them. 
As I said, I didn't really shop for new clothes. Furthermore, I don't own any new red clothes in conjunction with Chinese New Year hahah. At least, I wear a red lipstick.

If you know me back then, you would know I have a thing for camera necklace. I collected a lot of them!
This was due to Tricia Gosingtian. She used to wear a lot of them.
Bringing back my very first camera necklace ;) we have 2 of these, one was scratched :( 
it also acts as a mini flash light at the lens. The one Im wearing still works!
Did I mention this is exactly the same as one of Tricia's camera necklaces? 



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