Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review: Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Just so you know, I have straight, thin and short eyelashes :(
Im writing this because I feel that eyelash curler is really a big deal to your eyelashes! 
I used to use the cheap eyelash curler outside, but lets be real, it doesn't do a thing, I don't even bother to curl them anymore. 
Then, I've came to realise that eyelash curler is essential! It makes a vast difference, giving you a brighter eyes with mascara.

So, I went to hunt for an eyelash curler that can give me the fanned out lashes last month.
I guess everyone knows the world famous legendary Shu Uemura eyelash curler.
Shiseido eyelash curler has really good reviews as well but not as hype as the Shu.
But, I have to say I love love love Shiseido eyelash curler

Where to get it
I went to try both before I decided to go for the Shiseido. Just ask them for the curler to test them out.
I got this at the Shiseido counter at Parkson, Gurney Plaza, Penang. There's also a Shiseido counter at Aeon, Queensbay.
Shu Uemura counter is right outside of Parkson. Just a few step away.

Shiseido: RM79
Shu Uemura: RM65
It may be a little pricey, but the results are worth it.

I cannot make a comparison between these two because I do not own the Shu Uemura.
But, I do know they have a big difference at the curvature. Other than that, they are more or less the same.
It really comes down to your eyes shape, on which suits you best. I really would recommend you to try both before getting your hands on either one.
Both have the same amazing curling power, but the Shu doesn't curl all my lashes. The Shiseido fits my eyes so much better.

Here's a comparison photo at the curvature. photo credits
The Shu is wider, deeper, curved. On the other hand, the Shiseido is not as curved and fits my eyes better.

- the curvature suits Asian eyes
- lightweight
- the rubber pad is soft and sturdy
- you can buy replacement pads for the Shiseido (Shu doesn't sell replacement pads for what I know, and also, for what I know, Shiseido's pad fits Shu's)
- the edge-free design prevents pinching
- most importantly, it curls your lashes beautifully!

I would love to do a demo but my eyelashes are not long enough to do such demo. hahahaha GOOGLE! There are tons of people showing you the before after difference.

If you're hunting for an eyelash curler, I would say Shiseido or Shu Uemura. Definitely. Pick the one that suits you. If neither of them do the trick, well, continue hunting. good luck. haha
If you're blessed with curled fanned out lashes, good for you! Save up the money. haha

By the way, I have tried lots of mascara and every mascara seems to smudge at the corner under my eyes after wearing them for a long day. All of them are waterproof, they still smudge. I have to clean my under eyes every few hours.
I have oily eyelids, not to mention oily skin type. I literally produce oil ._.
If you know any good mascara that doesn't smudge, please tell me, and you'll be my life saver.


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  1. I have the Shu one, didn't work miracles for my short lashes either :/ Will try out the Shiseido one next time! I would recommend Benefit's They're Real Mascara, you can get those travel sized ones at Sephora to test it out. Maybelline's Rocket Mascara is not bad too. Great review by the way :)

    1. Hope the Shiseido one works for you! Thank you! :D I heard good stuff about benefit's they're real too, haven't try it out yet. Thanks a lot :)

  2. the product does look so pretty, so imagine how would be the results this will give, a great product that can give your lashes beautiful curl