Tuesday, February 4, 2014

140104 Birthday Dinner (Morganfields | Tong Pak Fu)

Yea, I know it'd been a month but as always, it's better to be late than never! hah
Thank you YunXuan for the treat. Arigato. Kamsahamnida.


Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs (Half Slab) RM39.90
The most tender, succulent & hearty pork ribs in town! Slow-cooked with hickory smoke, grilled & basted with Hickory BBQ sauce. Served with crispy French fries & coleslaw.
Tender and succulent indeed. The sauce delivers a delicious taste.

 Seafood Basket (RM34.90)
Beer-battered fish, beer-battered prawns & beer-battered calamari. Served with coleslaw, crispy French fries & tangy tartar sauce

They have the whole menu on their site.

Queensbay CNY deco

aww couple hahah

Tong Pak Fu, my all time fav place for desserts. All their Snow Ice, very flavourful, so good, a big thumbs up!

 Brain not working right

 Chocnana (RM9.80)
The usual awesome chocolate and the very banana-ish banana flavour. haha
but the banana part was so small! yerr. The picture on the board was a lie :o

 Then, they served us this for free. Im not sure why was it free though ._.
Glutinous Rice Balls with Black Sesame & Peanut Toppings
Im sorry to say that I don't like it D;
because first of all, I don't like glutinous rice ball hahaha yea, I don't eat lots of stuff.
and Im not a fan of black sesame ._.
Don't judge me... hahahaha


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